Yogurt: A Common, Everyday Super Food

Yogurt Superfood

Scientific evidence is proving that yogurt–an everyday, easily accessible, and inexpensive food–could actually be the weight loss secret people have been searching for. According to Katherine Tallmadge, registered dietitian and author of “Diet Simple: 195 Mental Tricks, Substitutions, Habits & Inspirations”, people seemed to lose more weight with the use of this “superfood”. She claims that people tended to lose more weight consuming this product, even when their caloric intake remained the same. The food that people that consumed that seemed to so effective in weight loss was yogurt.

According to new scientific research, bacterial organisms in the digestive tract called microbiome are similar to a fully functional organ. Microbiome is made up of about 100 million bacterial organisms. Microbiome can have a positive or a negative effect on health. At a U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) conference, researchers shared that Microbiome is influenced by many different dietary components. One of these components is yogurt.

Yogurt contains probiotics, a type of bacteria that stay alive during processing, shelf life, and digestion. Probiotics have immense health benefits. When combined with prebiotics, a non-digestible carbohydrate, a symbiotic relationship is formed that benefits the microbiome in your body. Prebiotics can be found in foods such as apples, bananas, berries, raisins, kiwi, onions, lentils, brown rice, corn, almonds, honey, and green tea. When eaten in conjunction with each other, the probiotics and prebiotics work together to help benefit your microbiome.

Research has also found that having a healthy microbiome can reduce inflammation which can reduce your risk of getting illness such as colds, cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. The bacteria in the microbiome, which is benefited by eating yogurt, may also help burn body fat and reduce insulin resistance.

From Smart Phones to Smart Handbags

From Smart Phones to Smart HandbagsIn a major breakthrough for two–year old, start–up company Everpurse, electronics giant Samsung SDI has signed a partnership deal with them, that gives the young company, access to a supply of sophisticated lightweight batteries for their handbags, as well as the superior technical knowhow of the consumer electronics leader.

Everpurse is known to make stylish handbags with internal pockets, which charge mobiles wirelessly for consumers on the go. The outcome of the deal, will allow Everpurse to manufacture bags with phone charging technology that endures 96 hours. As Samsung normally does business with bigger vendors, the partnership is seen to be strategic, by co–founders of Everpurse, Dan and Liz Salcedo, who are very excited by the prospects of the collaboration. Samsung would be contributing on design recommendation, as well as supplying safe, high-powered, light batteries.

Samsung has been impressed by Everpurse’s credentials in the world of fashion technology and the priority accorded by them to design, over technology and also itself, aspires to be an eminent presence in fashion technology and this explains its choice, according to Liz Salcedo.

Everpurse bags have been marketed online through Kickstarter, with two successive campaigns and can claim to charge a multitude of phones including both the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In the offing, is a hard-shell clutch, which allows the phone to charge outside with a wallet on the inside.

Everpurse bagsThe nascent editions of Everpurse, had to be sewn by hand, in the absence of a manufacturer who could create leather bags integrating the charger technology and the absence of lightweight batteries offered by Samsung SDI presently. The handbag found many takers on its release, but two criticisms remained, the first being over-heaviness and the second, was the requirement for a light on the charging pad to indicate fully charged.

On its second campaign conducted under Kickstar, Everpurse has showcased several versions of the handbag including, vegan and leather versions in different colors, the 48 hour charge version and the latest 96 hour charge version, in partnership with Samsung SDI.

An innovative element, that is sure to impress potential customers in its upcoming collection for 2015, are tiny RIFD tags, to track essential handbag items like keys, which work in combination with the Everpurse app. As aptly put by Liz Salcedo, smart handbags are going to dominate customer personal space in the next decade, as life becomes increasingly fast-paced in the very way, smart phones are doing now and the stellar deal with Samsung, corroborates this vision.

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