Shoebuy Promo Code – What To Know Regarding The Famous Shoe Store

Have you heard of I bet you have! Let me tell you today about the promo codes for Shoebuy and some interesting information about this shoe store.

Most people wear shoes on a daily basis. These goods have been around for hundreds of years. Although originally designed with the purpose of protecting the feet from daily activities, these are now used for so many other purposes. Footwear comes in many different varieties and is used for functionality, fashion, comfort and other reasons. The store is a popular destination for people interested in buying footwear, as well as apparel and accessories, over the web.

Shoebuy Discounts

Shoes at are sold at a discounted price. Thankfully, the store allows you to use special coupons to save even more money. Once you choose the pair of shoes you like, at checkout you are asked to enter a promo code for Shoebuy.


Tell Me More About Shoebuy

The company has partnered with thousands of brands and have an inventory that includes more than a million products from these manufacturers. On the web store, consumers will find some of the top brands in footwear, like Christian Louboutin. There are shoe options for kids, women and men. These come at different price points and there are also accessories, bags and clothing available.

This web store has been ranked as a top eTailer in America by BizRate. Furthermore, Foresee Results rated the company in its top 10 for online retail satisfaction. The most effective way to see what all this company has to offer is to shop the site and try it out.

It was in 2006 that Shoebuy was acquired by IAC, which is the owner of other successful online websites including Match, Ask and Citysearch. Since the switch, the company has expanded and improved in many ways, including sales, which have steadily increased by an average of 50 percent annually since the online store launched. The website, which has a large selection of brands, sizes and styles is a highly visited site for apparel and accessories, according to Hitwise.

Any person that has been shopping for shoes in recent times knows that there are so many options available that range in style, purpose, functionality, comfort level and more. Footwear is available in many varieties, which could make the shopping process more time consuming and difficult. Shoebuy has a collection of the best brands available in footwear today in one store that is easy to navigate. It is a one-step destination for people looking to buy new shoes, as well as other goods, for themselves and the family.

The site is set up in a way that makes browsing through the collections and departments a breeze. Shoppers can search by keyword, category or advanced options, such as width, colors, size and price. There is also free shipping, exchanges and returns. Shoppers can feel good about the 100 percent safe purchase and price guarantees the company offers. Customer service is available for those with questions or concerns.

Shopping online is a matter of convenience for many. The perks that come with these web stores is often the potential savings and the larger inventory. Shoebuy allows customers to compare the many options they have available to them when it comes to footwear on the market, without doing a search of multiple websites. It also sells some of the top brands.

As I already mentioned, promo codes for Shoebuy and other offers may be available to those who buy from this online retailer. There is a sale section where people can purchase discounted items for top savings. Consumers may leave ratings and reviews on the products so that others can get a better idea of what all is available. People who subscribe to the company email newsletter may be further eligible for savings and receive regular updates.

Dangerous Ingredient Found In Diet Supplements

Diet SupplementsA new study, which was published in the Drug Testing and Analysis journal, proved that many diet supplements on the market pose serious dangers. Twelve of the fourteen supplements that were tested contained a chemical called AMP Citrate, or DMBA.

DMBA is similar in its chemistry to other ingredients banned by the Food and Drug Administration. These substances have similarities to amphetamines. Amphetamines have serious adverse cardiac and neuropsychiatric effects. DMBA, found in many of today’s diet supplements is extremely similar to DMAA, which was banned in 2012 after almost one hundred people suffered from heart attacks, stroke, seizures and even death after using the product. DMAA has been proven to be extremely unsafe and after so many reported dangerous effects, the FDA was able to ban the ingredient.

The problem with diet supplements is that unlike medical prescriptions, they do not have to be proven as safe to be released on the market. This leaves room for serious health reactions to consumers.

Manufacturers who are including DMBA in their diet supplements claim that the ingredient is derived from tea; however there is no evidence that the ingredient was extracted from a plant. And, AMP Citrate was not tested on humans before it was released to the public. This means, there is no scientific evidence to prove that it is safe for consumption.

DMBA was synthetically created after DMAA was banned, and it’s make up is chemically similar to DMBA. In essence, makers of DMAA modified the chemical slightly and re-released it. Although, it sounds like an illegal practice, it is not. Unfortunately, many times, the FDA cannot ban dangerous additives or ingredients in supplements until after they have been put on the market and after the side effects have been reported.