Melissa Joan Hart Lost 40 Pounds on Nutrisystem

Meet Melissa Joan Hart, who lost a whopping 40 pounds on Nutrisystem! She is a mother of three sons named Mason (8 years), Braydon (5 years) and Tucker (17 months). Was it a magic? Here Melissa Joan Hart explains how she lost 40 pounds on Nutrisystem and what it means to her.

Hi, I am Melissa Joan Hart and I lost 40 pounds using Nutrisystem.

Q: How much weight did you gain with Tucker?

A: I gained about 60 pounds of Tucker.

Q: Ok and that’s your third pregnancy?

A: Yeah and I lost a chunk of it. You know after the baby was born his weight and you know all the other stuff.

Q: But that’s only around 10 or 15 pounds.

Melissa lost 40 pounds on Nutrisystem

A: That’s not a lot. I know it’s not a lot and so then I had another 30 to go. I lost that 30 and then it felt good and I kept going and now I am 40.

Q: Is Mark supportive? How does he handle?

A: He is very much supportive. Oh! He is the guy who is like disciplined and you know his whole thing is to “stick to it, be healthy and be fit”. He does it for me so I have returned him a favor. I mean I had three babies for him but I also wanted to look fantastic going into my 40’s.

Q: Are you going to have more babies?

A: I don’t know we haven’t decided. We thought so but now we are exhausted. I know the feeling! I know I feel great so I don’t want to go back there. For me it was important to bond with my child, as opposed to lose the weight. So, I waited until I was ready, and I knew I had the time, and then I made it a priority that I would eat well and then once I had some time and my schedule will open up I would get back to working out, spinning. I love spinning, I go home walking and love hiking. I got the joggers to walk while dragging the stroller so that I could stay active.

Q: Did you ever feel the pressure to get skinny right away?

A: Well, No not this time. In the beginning I felt uncomfortable pressure that I rebelled against. But this third time I had to go back on camera. I wanted to look great. So I focused on it once I knew I had the time.

Q: Are you there where you want to be?

A: I am actually. I am really happy where I am. I can live like this. I am on a good path. I feel amazing and I have just so much energy to give to my kids and work and my husband and you know it’s just a good time again.

Q: What are your experiences with the camera?

A: I stay away from that scenario but they don’t come stalk me. They don’t hunt me down because I do expose my child. I do take them out and make them see. So I have protected my kids by kind off putting them on camera and letting people see that these are my kids and this is my family. They are also coming with me in commercial of splash into the pool. They are cute. I said that I want them here. I think they are beyond adorable so why don’t show them off?

Nutrisystem is based on the concept of eating foods of  low glycemic index. It’s a method that has been proven scientifically to promote sustainable and safe weight loss.

Coconut Oil Now Combined With A Vitacost Promo Code

Vitacost coupon

Vitacost branded Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is a natural substance that is extracted from fresh coconuts. It is now used for many different applications that’s why it has become quite famous lately and can be found not only in health food stores but in the local grocery store. It’s often combined with a Vitacost promo code 5 off to make it known to the broad public. It is nifty and can be used as a baking ingredient or butter substitute. Some people can also use coconut oil for skin and hair.

Why choice coconut oil as your supplement

Coconut only is comprised of medium-chain triglycerides which is beneficial to human health.

This oil is extracted from certified organic coconuts and it is compressed without use of heat or chemicals. It is purely natural and meets the set standards requirement by FDAs Code of Federal regulation.

Apart from ingestion coconut oil is used for skin cleansing especially during winter when the wind is brisk and the skin is easily dried. It makes skin look healthier and shinning.
It is easily mixable with other products such as almond oil. When applied in the skin it makes the skin moisture last for longer.

Here’s a video review from Leticia, about Vitacost branded Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil:

Advantages of coconut oil

  • The oil smells fresh, healthier and delicious giving you a positive result even before using it. It makes you feel fresh and nice either when consumed or applied on the skin.
  • Coconut oil can help old people suffering from Alzheimer to regain their old self again.
  • Coconut oil is ideal for cholesterol lowering. When used in either coffee, toothpaste, baked food, cooking or frying. It lowers the cholesterol level to 50% with first three months.
  • Brain is the mother of all body function. This oil helps the brain to stay health through reverse dementia and repair damage done by statin drugs. More about it here.

Disadvantages of coconut oil

  • In case of expired coconut oil things get messy with bad smell and the turning of the oil into black color when heated.
  • Some coconut oils are poorly packaged.


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A Simple Bus Ride May Decrease Health Risks

Riding the bus to work

Commuting to work is something that all of us do, many of us at least five times a week. Some of us walk or bike, many of us take a bus or train, and still more of us drive to and from our place of employment each day.

Based on the methods of transport listed above, it may seem obvious to conclude that walking or biking is the healthiest way of commuting to our jobs. However, new research from Japanese doctor Hisako Tsuji indicates that riding the train or bus each day may actually be the healthiest form of daily transportation for us.

According to a recent study, it appears that those who travel by public transportation are twenty-seven percent less likely to have high blood pressure, have thirty-four percent fewer cases of diabetes, and are less likely to be overweight by 44% compared to others.

When compared to drivers, this does seem to make sense; but surprisingly, people who commute to work via public transportation also proved to have similarly reduced levels of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure compared to those who rode a bike or walked to work as well.

An estimated 610,000 people in the US die each year from heart disease. Given that obesity and high blood pressure are prominent risk factors, many Americans may want to assess how they travel to work, and give up their driving in favor of a local train or bus. It should be noted though that the study was only conducted with a Japanese population, so the results may not transfer directly to the US populace. Regardless, the findings certainly merit further inspection.

The results of this study were presented this year in Orlando, Florida at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions.

To create his data, Dr. Tsuji assembled a group of 5,908 Japanese adults with an average age between 49 and 54 years. They were given a health examination, and then asked how they travel to work each day. Based on their responses, they were placed into one of three groups: walkers and cyclists, drivers, and those who take the train or bus.

In an attempt to understand his findings, Dr. Tsuji explains that for those who use public transportation, the walk to and from the bus stop or train station may actually be longer than the distance traveled by those who chose to walk or ride a bike. It may also be possible that because riding a bus or train allows time for reading and some relaxing, decreased stress compared to driving helped lower health risks (

Dr. Tsuji feels like health care providers may want to consider the method of transit a patient uses for work during an evaluation. His team plans to pursue this research further.

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