About Rosa

Rosa_Mike_twinsMy name is Rosa Walterst and I live inĀ Schaumburg , IL, with my husband Mike, three kids, a dog, cat and two iguanas.

I work as a zoology teacher. One of my children, Nathan is in high school. So, heĀ  is about to leave the nest, and so saving for his education has been one of the most pressing reasons for being frugal in our household.

Of course, the other two children are far behind. Still our finances are a top priority. I started this blog to share some of my ideas for saving money when your children’s education are a big concern.

Nathan attended private school despite the fact that we are not well off. I had to learn some no nonsense tactics for putting money aside to help them to flourish in their schools and colleges. I hope you will find my blog useful as a tool and feel free to tailor its ideas to your needs.

I think one of my big struggles when it came to money was overcoming some of the bad habits I learned in my house when I was growing up. My parents were always taking us on lavish vacations, but sadly, we did not really have the means for this lifestyle. My parents had financial problems which caused me much anxiety when I was growing up.

I had to overcome these feelings of anxiety in order to feel confident and sure to manage my own budget. This has taken a lot of hard work and practice. Being patient with myself and also being aware of any emotional baggage I was experiencing allowed me to gradually let go of my worries and gain confidence.

I think I owe a lot to a friend who I met at work and who has been a true role model. Mentors are very important and mine came in the form of Debbie. I was able to see through her how it was possible to manage a budget to achieve your personal goals. Her children were thriving at college, and one day I asked her how she made it all happen.

She said she couldn’t take credit as her children had been awarded some pretty impressive scholarships. Her role was to instil in them a sense of confidence and self sufficiency. They felt motivated to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them. I try to teach this to my kids and am also trying to make sure I have learned this lesson myself.

Many times we hold ourselves back in achieving our goals because of a lack of confidence, simply put. Managing money well is so much more than that. It is managing life well.

I hope you will find my tips useful and that they help to inspire you. Remember to take things one step at a time and soon you may find that the confidence you need has flourished and grown. It is a privilege to share my knowledge through this blog.

Thank you for reading.